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Vision & Values

The Bridges Vision and Values tell us where we are going and what we will never compromise on... It's what makes us, us.

Vision & Values: Who We Are

Our Vision

Love God deeply, love each other generously, and live our lives responsively to God’s call to make disciples.

Vision & Values: About Us

Our Values

1. Christ before Christianity - Colossians 2:6-8

We are committed to following Jesus and His example that we see in the bible and not an institution.

2. Loving, Gracious, and Accepting - Romans 15:5-7

We are committed to welcoming everyone – the unconvinced, the casual believer, and the fully committed with no prerequisites of church background or prior belief – to worship the living God.

3. Scripturally guided and Spirit-led - Galatians 5:25

We are committed to surrendering in obedience to God’s word and God’s Holy Spirit and allowing Him to guide and shape our lives.

4. Unified and Reconciled - Ephesians 4:32

We are committed to the understanding that we are all imperfect people and we may not agree on everything but we will eagerly and generously offer others patience and grace with the expectation of receiving the same.

When conflict arises, as it inevitably will, we are committed to reconciling and restoring unity through following Jesus’ instruction in Matthew 18:15-17.

5. Personal Responsibility - Ephesians 4:7, 11-13

We are committed to a team approach to ministry, meaning that all of us are called to be ministers of the Gospel.  We believe that every follower of Jesus has been gifted by Him and has a Kingdom responsibility to use that gifting to serve both the Body of Christ and our community to both show and tell the Good News of Jesus.

6. Disciples that Make Disciples - Matthew 28:18-20

We are committed to intentionally imitating Jesus’ character, competency, and His balanced life of UP/IN/OUT, providing a living example for others to follow.  We will intentionally seek out others who will follow us in this process with the expectation that they will, in time, seek out followers of their own, teaching them to do the same.

7. Extended Family on Mission - Hebrews 10:23-25

We are committed to being in community with each other and sharing life together, mutually motivating and building one another up to serve those around us.

Vision & Values: Who We Are

“If you try to build the church, you will rarely get disciples. But if you make disciples, you will always get the church.”

Mike Breen

Vision & Values: Quote
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